Mizuno Wave Run

Well the run certaintly fits the billing as d' wave run. Indeed we didn't see much of those flat terrain as much as we liked to. Most of the time we need to tackle the `bukit bukau' along the way. Anyway it is one of those run you shouldn't miss. I guess all of us look forward for the challenge. Ewan have made great progress along the years. He leads this time at 64mins, follows by Jnul 70mins, Erra (kena potong last 100m dengan Jnul) 70mins 3secs (hahaha), me 75mins, Ad 82mins (salah strategi katanya), Jue! 82mins (welcome back) and Ija 90mins. I think Ujie did quite well too, most probably better then me (time rahsia katanya). So guys, until next time, I wish you all a great Ramadan. Take a good rest and prepare for our next challenge which is the Trailblazer in Genting Highlands.
Ina our latest edition and coklat exchanging tips on how to beat me.
Ewan and Jnul preparing.
Jue! with da new looks.
Lepaking after the race.
Ko tengok Wan, yang kurang rambut jugak yang dia pilih.
Ad yang salah strategi.
Our Milo model

Shah Alam Run

Most of us have a late start at the run today. Shah Alam is certaintly not Dataran Merdeka. The flag off at seven is great but we didn't make it in time, some of us didn't make it at all. I guess the route is not quite up the standard 10km. We should have a better timing here as it is a shorter route. As is not around as she is competing in the Interbank Athlete meet (good luck to her), so I don't have the timing for her prodigy this time round. Erra Coklat finish at 60mins (placing no 12 tepuk-tepuk-tepuk), Ewan 65mins (problem badan lambat panas), Ija at 80mins (badan tak panas-panas) and Ah Kam at 105mins (badan terlebih panas). Special mention here my friend Yanti managed the 10km at 72mins (nasibla aku tak masuk).

Before the puasa month starts, I hope to see u all at the Mizuno Run next week.

Ewan and his future prodigy.
Keberangkatan tiba Tan Sri Ah Kam.

Ast suka lari kat belakang.

Ija pon sama gak.

Erra coklat tersengih bila dapat potong sume orang.