Selamat Tahun Baru 2008

Hello Cool Runners and affiliates,

We have quite a fruitful year. It is quite astonishing that we have participated in 14 events (on my count) and runs more then 150km on the event alone. I guess if we include training then we should have reach the 300km mark. So u guys who bought their running shoes in January can still continue to use the shoes as the average running shoes have a lifespan of 500km (untuk yang kedekut la).
Wishing u all a Happy New Year 2008 and Happy Running. Hope to see u guys next year and hope we can continue running together for years to come.

Mizuno Wave Run

Well the run certaintly fits the billing as d' wave run. Indeed we didn't see much of those flat terrain as much as we liked to. Most of the time we need to tackle the `bukit bukau' along the way. Anyway it is one of those run you shouldn't miss. I guess all of us look forward for the challenge. Ewan have made great progress along the years. He leads this time at 64mins, follows by Jnul 70mins, Erra (kena potong last 100m dengan Jnul) 70mins 3secs (hahaha), me 75mins, Ad 82mins (salah strategi katanya), Jue! 82mins (welcome back) and Ija 90mins. I think Ujie did quite well too, most probably better then me (time rahsia katanya). So guys, until next time, I wish you all a great Ramadan. Take a good rest and prepare for our next challenge which is the Trailblazer in Genting Highlands.
Ina our latest edition and coklat exchanging tips on how to beat me.
Ewan and Jnul preparing.
Jue! with da new looks.
Lepaking after the race.
Ko tengok Wan, yang kurang rambut jugak yang dia pilih.
Ad yang salah strategi.
Our Milo model

Shah Alam Run

Most of us have a late start at the run today. Shah Alam is certaintly not Dataran Merdeka. The flag off at seven is great but we didn't make it in time, some of us didn't make it at all. I guess the route is not quite up the standard 10km. We should have a better timing here as it is a shorter route. As is not around as she is competing in the Interbank Athlete meet (good luck to her), so I don't have the timing for her prodigy this time round. Erra Coklat finish at 60mins (placing no 12 tepuk-tepuk-tepuk), Ewan 65mins (problem badan lambat panas), Ija at 80mins (badan tak panas-panas) and Ah Kam at 105mins (badan terlebih panas). Special mention here my friend Yanti managed the 10km at 72mins (nasibla aku tak masuk).

Before the puasa month starts, I hope to see u all at the Mizuno Run next week.

Ewan and his future prodigy.
Keberangkatan tiba Tan Sri Ah Kam.

Ast suka lari kat belakang.

Ija pon sama gak.

Erra coklat tersengih bila dapat potong sume orang.

Subang Jaya Run

Cool Runners seen the action at Subang Jaya today. This run is one of the running event where most of us got sponsored for running (means our company's pay the fee to run). Hmm..we have AhKam around this time...he did manage to arrive on time and finish the race. Here's the result Ujie 56mins, Ewan 57mins, As 59mins, Erra 66mins, me 69mins, Yeo 70mins, Ija 85mins and Ah Kam our super sweeper at 105mins (Mana yang lain ooii, daftar punyalah ramai?) Next stop Shah Alam Run. Happy 50th Merdeka day everybody. Merdekaaaaaaaa...........

Erra coklat and Ija lebun
AhKam on his fifth serving of 100 plus

PJ Half Marathon

Although it is called Half Marathon, all the Cool Runners have decided to enter the 10km race only. It is simply because we felt the route is quite unsafe considering the high volume of traffic on the highway. Even in 10km, most of the time the runner needs to cross the road without any official or police in sight. Nevertheless, we do have a good race and each gets to bring home a nice goody bag. The unofficial timing recorded are as follows: Fendi (38mins), Ewan (51mins), Ujie (51mins), me (56mins), As (56mins), Erra (56mins), Yeo (68mins) and Ija (76mins). Jnul and Chin Taiko are absent due to other commitments.

Can u spot Ujie and Erra in the crowd?

As and Ija getting ready.

Technic: Sexy No Jutsu

Larian Utusan Bangi

Again only two runners took part name Ewan and Jnul who recorded 51mins and 53mins respectively in this 10km event. Wish I was there. Erra and Ija is not well so I need to skip this one.

Larian Kuala Lumpur

Hmm...only two of our gangs Erra and Jue! actually took part in this event at Taman Melawati. We can consider this as an un-organised running event. Actual distance is not to be known (rahsia). The huha surrounding the starting point is quite shameful. Some of the Malaysian runners has tried to block the Kenyan from running. I am wondering if Malaysian runner being treated the same if they are competing in Kenya? Malaysian is well known for their `Jaguh Kampung' attitude. Lazy and unable to compete physically or mentally. Too bad. I wish Malaysian can change their attitude and follow sports icon such as our own Nicol David, she can take on any opponent, any time fullstop.

AmBank Challenge VIII

The AmBank has organised their eight edition of AmBank Challenge. For me it is the most challenging todate. We are sending two teams to the competion, Trailblazer have snatch the scond spot while the Cool-Runners team (me, As, Aziz and Jnul) managed a seventh place out of 60 teams competing. It is quite a suprise that the Trailblazer with Ewan, Ad, Halim Kacak and Atan Tiger manage to finish 1 hour earlier then the Cool-Runners (I guess this is the result of their `trening rahsia'). Congratulations to all, I am anxious to compete again with them next year. Bring it on.

Siemens Run

Wawaweewa...There's a lot of absentees in todays run. Jnul (demam pura2), Jue! (demam kura-kura), Ewan (pegi trening rahsia) and AhKam (macam biasa over slept). So only a few of us runs today. Ujie is in pole position with an unofficial time of 61mins followed by Erra (69mins), As (70mins), me (72mins) and Ija (95mins).

3 ore tino molek Di garisan permulaan

Sukalah tu....

Bebudak Maybank teruja mendengar taklimat Erra kita

Sauna ngan Medal

Penang Bridge Marathon

Cool Runners first run in Penang Bridge. The hilly and smelly route of 22.3km really tested our endurance. Jnul manage to clock 2hrs 20mins followed by Erra 2hrs 45mins (good improvement) and Ewan 2hrs 50mins. Meanwhile, me and Ija has recorded 3.00hrs plus. The accomodation at USM is good as it is situated near the starting point and the food in Penang is marvellous. We did manage to eat at Nasi Kandar Line Clear after the run (lepas lari apa pon sedap, ya tak?). Next event Siemens Run. See you.

Erra dan Ija

Lawa medalnya.

4 musketeers party @ 4 am

New Balance Pacesetters 15km

Erra Coklat
Ujie (Photo by Jason Lee)
As (Photo by Jason Lee)

It has been quite sometimes since our last event. The route is a killer, most of the time we needs to run in a hilly road in Bukit Tunku. It is a challenge for all of us to finish the race. As predicted Ujie leads with 88mins followed by Jnul (95mins), Ewan (98mins), As (105mins), Yeo (111mins), ezaad (115mins), Erra (118mins) and Ija (135mins). ChinTaiko has suffered some injuries during the race. Hope to see our other runners who are injured to comeback soon namely jue!, Krul and dJohan. We miss u guys.

Happy ending.
Ija still sleeping before the race.

Our Hero.

Larian Bomba

Today is a wet race day. As it is raining the whole morning, AhKam and Jnul continues with their sleep. Jue!, dJohan and me unable to participate due to injuries. Krul and Syed are the man to beat today. In term of performance, the Cool Runners did pretty well. Krul leads at 62m, Syed (63m), Ewan (64m), As (69m), Erra (71m), Ad (76m), Yeo (79m) and Ija (89m). Some of us may not be taking part in the next event that is New Balance 15k run and Larian Asma. So the next ten km will be somewhere in June. Until then keep on training and improving.
Cool runnings.

Krul berjaya mendahului lagi..
Mcam pernah pakai aje teknik ni iaitu teknik bagi awek menang.
Wafi dan Farrah hahahaha.
Erra, Ija, Watson, Wafi dan Farrah

Erra dan As
Hoorey for Yeo
Erra speeding takut Ad potong.
Ewan at 5k
Ija leads at 5k
The Cool Runners
Ad guna teknik terbang untuk mendahului Erra kat belakang tu.
As `floats' at the finishing.

Kledang Challenge

The Cool Runners has participate in the Kledang Challenge 2007. In a team of four the participants has to cross Gunung Kledang from Menglembu to Kg Bekor, Manong in 24 hours. The navigation need to be done by compass as there are no trail available. Our team is the only team which consist of three female/one male and we were proud to be able to finish the race in 10 hours. Thank you very much to Tuan Haji Johar, the President of Persatuan Mendaki Negeri Perak for organising a very interesting event. We will look forward to participate in the same event next year. Meanwhile, me has manage to`seliuh' the leg while trying to overtake the commandos hahaha:) Ad dan Jue! sukalah dengar berita nih:(

As, Erra and Ija being deported.

The starting point at Menglembu.
Posing sebelum pewai.
Posing selepas pewai, aibnya...baru CP1
Hobbit2 makan mamee aje...
Erra zombie lepan jenut sedang cari arah.
Pasukan lawan yang hebat dari Jabatan Penjara.
Dari coklat dah jadi rentung.
Enjoy life..