Larian Utusan Bangi

Again only two runners took part name Ewan and Jnul who recorded 51mins and 53mins respectively in this 10km event. Wish I was there. Erra and Ija is not well so I need to skip this one.

Larian Kuala Lumpur

Hmm...only two of our gangs Erra and Jue! actually took part in this event at Taman Melawati. We can consider this as an un-organised running event. Actual distance is not to be known (rahsia). The huha surrounding the starting point is quite shameful. Some of the Malaysian runners has tried to block the Kenyan from running. I am wondering if Malaysian runner being treated the same if they are competing in Kenya? Malaysian is well known for their `Jaguh Kampung' attitude. Lazy and unable to compete physically or mentally. Too bad. I wish Malaysian can change their attitude and follow sports icon such as our own Nicol David, she can take on any opponent, any time fullstop.

AmBank Challenge VIII

The AmBank has organised their eight edition of AmBank Challenge. For me it is the most challenging todate. We are sending two teams to the competion, Trailblazer have snatch the scond spot while the Cool-Runners team (me, As, Aziz and Jnul) managed a seventh place out of 60 teams competing. It is quite a suprise that the Trailblazer with Ewan, Ad, Halim Kacak and Atan Tiger manage to finish 1 hour earlier then the Cool-Runners (I guess this is the result of their `trening rahsia'). Congratulations to all, I am anxious to compete again with them next year. Bring it on.

Siemens Run

Wawaweewa...There's a lot of absentees in todays run. Jnul (demam pura2), Jue! (demam kura-kura), Ewan (pegi trening rahsia) and AhKam (macam biasa over slept). So only a few of us runs today. Ujie is in pole position with an unofficial time of 61mins followed by Erra (69mins), As (70mins), me (72mins) and Ija (95mins).

3 ore tino molek Di garisan permulaan

Sukalah tu....

Bebudak Maybank teruja mendengar taklimat Erra kita

Sauna ngan Medal