Merdeka Challenge Walk A Hunt

23 August 2008
Maju Junction
In the news!
Wall climbing
makan wasabi dengan ulat

AmBank Challenge IX

15 November 2008
Pangsun, Ulu Langat

Trailblazer 1 with a new looks
Cool Trekkers minus me
Can't believe it, it has been 9 years since the first AmBank Challenge and again we gets to compete the only endurance race in AmBank. Trailblazer have send their best team which consist of Atan the Tiger, As, Djohan and Pah (first timer). Meanwhile, Cool Trekkers is headed by Yanti. This time the race is held at Pangsun, Ulu Langat.
The race starts with orienteering (rather odd) and pool crossing. TB struggle to complete this course and 3 of their members have totally exhausted. Their race virtually has ended here. CT manage to cross it easily as all of them knows how to swim. The race proceed with river scrambling, wall climbing, paintball target, puzzle, archery and about 6km of on the road and jungle running. Phew..just thinking of it made me sweat.
At the end CT gets 10 placing and TB gets 11 placing. Pah famous quote`tobat aku taknak masuk lagi' remind ourselves on our first AmBank Challenge. As usual the `tobat' is `tobat cili padi, habis pedas buat lagi' and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her yet. All in all, not a bad result as these teams are new although their members are not (chuckle). Hope to see them again next year in the tenth edition.

Genting Trailblazer 2008

2 November 2008
Awana Genting Highlands


Anuar mengenang nasib

Ija pewai
100 meter to go
The race 14km jungle trekking plus some `mandi lumpur' obstacle at the end of it has surely made our day. Anuar the `bidan terjun' has shown he has what it takes to finish the course. Devi perform well. Our second team Ija is really unfit and needs some serious training. All in all it is a good experience for the two teams. Me has to skip this event due to `demam kura-kura'. Thanks to Anuar who able to participate despite the `really' short notice given (at 4.30am raceday). I'm sure he will join us again in the next race.