Subang Jaya Run

Cool Runners seen the action at Subang Jaya today. This run is one of the running event where most of us got sponsored for running (means our company's pay the fee to run). Hmm..we have AhKam around this time...he did manage to arrive on time and finish the race. Here's the result Ujie 56mins, Ewan 57mins, As 59mins, Erra 66mins, me 69mins, Yeo 70mins, Ija 85mins and Ah Kam our super sweeper at 105mins (Mana yang lain ooii, daftar punyalah ramai?) Next stop Shah Alam Run. Happy 50th Merdeka day everybody. Merdekaaaaaaaa...........

Erra coklat and Ija lebun
AhKam on his fifth serving of 100 plus

PJ Half Marathon

Although it is called Half Marathon, all the Cool Runners have decided to enter the 10km race only. It is simply because we felt the route is quite unsafe considering the high volume of traffic on the highway. Even in 10km, most of the time the runner needs to cross the road without any official or police in sight. Nevertheless, we do have a good race and each gets to bring home a nice goody bag. The unofficial timing recorded are as follows: Fendi (38mins), Ewan (51mins), Ujie (51mins), me (56mins), As (56mins), Erra (56mins), Yeo (68mins) and Ija (76mins). Jnul and Chin Taiko are absent due to other commitments.

Can u spot Ujie and Erra in the crowd?

As and Ija getting ready.

Technic: Sexy No Jutsu