Larian Bersama Bomba

10 May 2008
Dataran Merdeka

As we have complained earlier in the previous run, this time the organiser did gave us a water station at the 5km point. However, most of the `kaki komplen' did not participate in this event. So Syed dominates, muSang pandan and Djohan BIG apples unable to give any real challenge. The musang has quote that he can only perform at night time (maklumlah musang!). The time as follows:

Syed 71mins
Erra Coklat 74mins
Djohan 80mins
Yem 83mins
Ija 90mins

The firemen showing off their fire engine
Our one and only C class runner

Coklat and Syed
Medal Erra - the rest takda harapan Djohan mengenang nasib