New Balance Pacesetters 15km

Erra Coklat
Ujie (Photo by Jason Lee)
As (Photo by Jason Lee)

It has been quite sometimes since our last event. The route is a killer, most of the time we needs to run in a hilly road in Bukit Tunku. It is a challenge for all of us to finish the race. As predicted Ujie leads with 88mins followed by Jnul (95mins), Ewan (98mins), As (105mins), Yeo (111mins), ezaad (115mins), Erra (118mins) and Ija (135mins). ChinTaiko has suffered some injuries during the race. Hope to see our other runners who are injured to comeback soon namely jue!, Krul and dJohan. We miss u guys.

Happy ending.
Ija still sleeping before the race.

Our Hero.

Larian Bomba

Today is a wet race day. As it is raining the whole morning, AhKam and Jnul continues with their sleep. Jue!, dJohan and me unable to participate due to injuries. Krul and Syed are the man to beat today. In term of performance, the Cool Runners did pretty well. Krul leads at 62m, Syed (63m), Ewan (64m), As (69m), Erra (71m), Ad (76m), Yeo (79m) and Ija (89m). Some of us may not be taking part in the next event that is New Balance 15k run and Larian Asma. So the next ten km will be somewhere in June. Until then keep on training and improving.
Cool runnings.

Krul berjaya mendahului lagi..
Mcam pernah pakai aje teknik ni iaitu teknik bagi awek menang.
Wafi dan Farrah hahahaha.
Erra, Ija, Watson, Wafi dan Farrah

Erra dan As
Hoorey for Yeo
Erra speeding takut Ad potong.
Ewan at 5k
Ija leads at 5k
The Cool Runners
Ad guna teknik terbang untuk mendahului Erra kat belakang tu.
As `floats' at the finishing.